Monday, April 22, 2013

By: Clydie, my mother-in-law

This next entry is by my wonderful Mother-in-law. She's the definition of selflessness and goodness. I'm so lucky to have the BEST mother-in-law on the planet

Being a Mom

It took me forever to become a mom. So many hills and valleys.  Instead of morning sickness (but just as miserable), I waited and watched for an adoption to come through. Then the blessed day came when I held my first son, two days old (I was 35). He stared at me so intently that I wondered if he recognized me.  Instantly and effortlessly we bonded. It was so natural, that I’ve been dumbfounded when people expressed admiration for my “learning to love” my adopted children. (As if I had to practice or develop that love)! We adopted a second boy nearly five years later. Another soul-thrilling miracle.

Mothering is exhausting, startling and incredibly soul-satisfying.

·        Lack of sleep
·        No real down time (sure, breaks here and there, but the role is permanent)
·        Worry (about their safety, their health,  their choices, their growth)
·        Realization that motherhood is not that simple and  that you haven’t been as perfect as you had hoped/imagined.
·        Vocabulary growth (stunned by some of the multi-syllables that come out of their toddler mouths)
·        Unexpected talents (like fearlessly retrieving stinky debris from a swamp, when other boys and men would not, building an “automatic bed curtain,” paddling a canoe and singing on stage)
·        Questionable experiments such as building explosives, operating a restaurant (out of our home)
·        Seeing your kids “make-it” in the adult world—managing heavy responsibilities
·        Receiving counsel and comfort from your kids, who are also your most significant friends
·        Watching your children become parents (which makes you a grandma even when you don’t feel old)
·        Being a grandma!!!
·        Just being with them
·        Finally understanding your own parents a little better…and maybe even God (a teeny bit).

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  1. Loved this glimpse into your thoughts on motherhood, Clydie! It's all so true! But I especially loved that last line. I am more forgiving of my parents now that I am one. And I do think parenthood is a glimpse into understanding God. So perfectly said.
    Love you, my friend!