Monday, May 6, 2013

By: Michelle

This last and final post is by my friend, Michelle Pearson. She has a really great blog that is honest and real and gives tips and tricks on motherhood - particularly being a NEW mom as well as being a mom with multiple children. If you're not already following her youtube channel, you need to fix that ASAP! Her children are adorable, to boot.

Read on, friends. And bid adieu to Motherhood Month. Thanks to all the wonderful mothers who contributed this month. You all are amazing.

ps - We had a special going on during the month of April - Kids eat for $1 on Tuesdays. It's been so popular that we're going to keep it around for the summer! Hooray! Spread the word, y'all. 

What Motherhood Means To Me:

Before I became a mother 2.5 years ago I thought I knew what life was all about. I
had travelled the world, finished college, and served on a mission in Ukraine.
I thought I knew what love, sacrifice, and hard work meant.
Little did I know that my understanding of life would drastically change once my
first son came into my life.

When I first became pregnant it was the strangest feeling. I already knew I was
pregnant before any test or symptom could tell me so. I instantly knew that there
was life inside of me and I felt happy to know that I had a little spirit waiting to come
into this world.

My first pregnancy was not easy. I gained over 60 lbs. and felt miserable, hot, and
achey most of the time. No matter how I looked or how I felt I always knew that
what I was doing was worth it. When my first son Will came into my life I knew
I would never be the same. I was filled with love the moment I saw him.It was so
humbling to know that he needed me for literally everything. I loved those countless
nights when it was just the two of us and our rocking chair. I would sit there and
try to remember every detail. I wanted to remember how he smelled, the sounds he
made, and how happy I felt holding him in my arms.

I absolutely loved watching him learn to sit up, roll over, and walk around our
apartment. He was not the greatest sleeper, always wanted to nurse, and hated
the bottle. This made it hard to have babysitters and others take care of him. I did
however secretly love that he needed me so much J I loved watching the way his
big brown eyes lit up whenever I walked in the room. He made me feel like I was the
most important person in the world. . It was so fun to watch his personality develop
and see that he was stubborn just like his mommy. J

When Will was almost 2 years old my second son Max was born. Just when I thought
I knew what motherhood was about Max taught me even more. His bright red hair
shocked us all and made me smile every time I looked at him. I never knew I could
love someone so much.
His calm demeanor and easygoing personality brings such a special feeling and
spirit into our home. I look at him every day and wonder how I went 28 long years
without him in my life.

Now as I watch my two boys grow up I realize what motherhood is all about. It’s
about love, forgiveness, patience, service and sacrifice. We love those that we serve
and our children are no exception.
Motherhood is why we are put here on this earth. I truly feel it is the most important
job or calling any woman could receive. Motherhood is hard and will push you out of
your comfort zone. There will be times when you have no idea what you are doing
and you will wonder how Heavenly Father entrusted these little spirits to you. There
is however no other role on this earth that can give you so much joy and teach you
so much about Heavenly Father’s love for His children.

I still don’t know everything about being a mother but I look forward to the future
when I can have more children. I know that motherhood is a never-ending learning
process and it is preparing and shaping me into the person Heavenly Father wants
me to be. J

-Michelle Pearson

By: Lindsay Jones

The next post is by my friend Lindsay. We've known each other since Junior High! I love long friendships like ours. She's got the most adorable little darling, Kennedy. 

Read on for her love of motherhood.

Being a mom means everything. 

It means giving up many dreams because all your dreams already came true. It means sleeping half way off the bed, s

o a sick child can sleep comfortably. Being a mom means bodily fluids you never knew existed. It means seeing glimpses of Heaven everyday. Being a mom means "playing dolls" in REAL life, everyday. It means having weekend plans for the rest of your life. Being a mom means humility. It means thinking about food choices you never thought twice about before. It means planning for the future, forgetting the past and savoring the present. Being a mom means trying to model everything you want your child to be. It means putting band aids on fake "boo-boos" and cleaning off toothpaste on foreheads. It means strengthening your faith by following the lead of a steadfast and unfaltering two year old. Being a mom means laughing at every little thing your child does. It means tripping on toys and playing make believe. Being a mom means sleeping in is waking up at 7:00. Being a mom means a new motivation. Being a mom grows your respect for your parents. Being a mom is joy. It is really hard,

But being a mom is everything.