Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We're fresh and always will be.

We just wanted to clarify a few things to our guests, just incase there was any doubt. Here is a post from our Facebook page as a response to a few questions we've been hearing.

Here are a few quick facts: 

*ALL of our fruit toppings are 100% FRESH, NEVER frozen (it's against our principles otherwise!). 

 *90% of our toppings are all natural. Want to know which ones aren't? Just ask! We're happy to tell you.

 *Our vanilla whipped cream is 100% fresh, made in-house, with our special recipe. We use a handy industrial whipper to give the presentation a clean and perfect look. 

 *ALL of our dough and batter is made fresh every day, in-house by our Awful Employees. 

Doesn't it make you feel good knowing The Awful Waffle offers such a great variety of unprocessed goodness? YUM!


  1. I know you just opened and you are probably fully stocked, but I was just wondering if you are hiring? :)

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