Monday, May 6, 2013

By: Lindsay Jones

The next post is by my friend Lindsay. We've known each other since Junior High! I love long friendships like ours. She's got the most adorable little darling, Kennedy. 

Read on for her love of motherhood.

Being a mom means everything. 

It means giving up many dreams because all your dreams already came true. It means sleeping half way off the bed, s

o a sick child can sleep comfortably. Being a mom means bodily fluids you never knew existed. It means seeing glimpses of Heaven everyday. Being a mom means "playing dolls" in REAL life, everyday. It means having weekend plans for the rest of your life. Being a mom means humility. It means thinking about food choices you never thought twice about before. It means planning for the future, forgetting the past and savoring the present. Being a mom means trying to model everything you want your child to be. It means putting band aids on fake "boo-boos" and cleaning off toothpaste on foreheads. It means strengthening your faith by following the lead of a steadfast and unfaltering two year old. Being a mom means laughing at every little thing your child does. It means tripping on toys and playing make believe. Being a mom means sleeping in is waking up at 7:00. Being a mom means a new motivation. Being a mom grows your respect for your parents. Being a mom is joy. It is really hard,

But being a mom is everything.

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