Saturday, April 20, 2013

By: My Mom.

This entry is written by the woman who taught me how to be a mom and how to be a girl: my mom. My little sister and I have decided our mom is the definition of a Southern Belle, and we learned a lot from that very distinctive title. Any aspect of us that is social, creative, or hosting came from watching our mom as we grew up. She's a good woman, and anyone who's lucky to spend time with her leaves happier and felt more loved.

My daughter Ashley asked me to write a blog post on “What it means to me to be
a mother” I was thrilled to do so. As I started to think about what it means to me I
instantly thought about my two new granddaughters and the JOY they have
brought in mine and my families life. They are precious and are such angles and
it has brought being a “mother” a whole new meaning to me. I am now not only a
mother but I am a GrandMOTHER too!

As I have sat back and watched my daughters move into motherhood
themselves it has been so humbling to me to watch my daughters care, nurture
and love their babies. They both are so patient with their babies and are selfless
as they lose sleep and are exhausted and try and do all of the necessities
needed to take care of thier whole house holds. They are able to juggle and
hustle as they feed, rock, change diapers, giving baths, playing, cooking,
cleaning, working, and most of all loving their babes while doing so. It makes me
as a mother so very proud and honored that I have such lovely daughters as
mothers. I have thought deeply about when I was a young mother and how
exhausted I was and how many times I felt like a failure. Being a mother is not an
easy task especially if you are doing it right. Many times I hoped that my children
would have the self esteem and stamina to be able to conquer the world that
would eventually take them on. All of the sacrifice and selfless actions from a
mother is what gives that self esteem that is so needed. Only a mother can
provide that. So with all of the years of worrying, praying and sacrifice my heart is
content as I have sat back and watched my beautiful daughters take care of their
children the way they do. They are wonderful mothers and it just has made me
so very happy knowing that my grandbabies will grow up in the gospel and feel
the love that ALL children should feel in their young lives. It has made me feel “ a
job well done” by me as a mother myself.

To me motherhood is all about LOVE and SACRIFICE. Without those two things
motherhood could be a failure. The world thinks differently but if you are a mother
YOU KNOW that we must live in the world and not of it. SACRIFICE is the key.
Giving of yourself is a must! It is a constant giving!!

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have
your heart go walking around outside your body”. - Elizabeth Stone

Motherhood encompasses every area of a woman’s life. It changes the way you
think about yourself, your family, your friends, and the world at large. It changes
the way you look at life, the way you reflect, and the way you act and react. It
teaches you to examine things you never gave a second thought to before
delivery, and to question the things you always thought were right and true.

Motherhood is a beautiful ride, a wildride, and the most incredible journey you
will ever take, beginning the day the “plus sign” appears in the window and
ending, well, never.

That Is what motherhood means to me and now that I am a grandmother it has
become even deeper. I want the exact same things for my grand children that I
did for my own children. The worry and the sacrifice starts all over again! The
cool thing is I can love spoil and care for them then give them right back! I get to
watch from a far. It is JOY JOY JOY! Motherhood is JOY!!! Grandmotherhood is

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